Dr. Sheel Training


N.O.T. Prerequisite Course

$299 USD


This course will teach you anatomical landmarks, muscles, acupuncture points, neurolymphatic and neurovascular points used in the Neural Organization Technique protocols. As this is a technique founded on the principles and philosophy of Chiropractic, you will be introduced to the origins of Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology. Muscle testing, as founded by Applied Kinesiology, is a key diagnostic tool in this protocol. Being proficient at muscle testing is a significant factor in getting accurate results. A demonstration of how to muscle test and the various muscle tests used in the protocol are included in this course. It is recommended to review the material in this course as many times as needed until you are proficient in it. It will make learning of N.O.T. much easier. Getting familiar with the palpation points and being proficient in muscle testing as taught in this course is a significant part of your success in learning and practicing Neural Organization Technique.

N.O.T. Foundation Course

$2,700 USD


The Neural Organization Technique Foundations course is a comprehensive 8-hour online training. It teaches you how to reset the body’s primitive survival system programs found in the central nervous system. There are specific energetic circuits and pathways found in and on the body that allow it to function throughout life, much like a computer. With falls, accidents, concussions, and emotional traumas, especially in our early years, these nervous system programs can become neurologically disorganized and create health issues. Many times the disorganization will exist asymptomatically but using muscle testing one is able to find and then correct the disorganizations before the symptoms have exhibited, thus providing true preventative health care. In this course you will learn the sequence and correction to systematically reorganize the survival programs, which are the defense, the digestive/immune, and the hormonal system. The training is divided into 3 modules.

  • Module 1, the defense system, you will learn how to disarm the nervous system out of being locked and armed in an old trauma where the body was unable to reset itself. Conditions such as low back pain, short leg syndromes, headaches, cranial injuries, scoliosis and much more will be covered.
  • Module 2 will address corrections to the limbic immune system, the digestive programs, and the hormonal or endocrine system. These corrections are used to address conditions such as allergies, autoimmune disorders, digestive disorders such as acid reflux, gas and bloating, colic, as well as blood sugar handling conditions and sexual dysfunctions.
  • Module 3 teaches corrections of problems that result in difficulties in learning. These are usually caused by the body going into defense from a cranial trauma, which is addressed in Module 1. However, there are specific disorganizations that lead to symptoms such as difficulty remembering words one has read, difficulty speaking what one is thinking or wishes to express, getting rights and lefts reversed or letters and numbers, as well as time consciousness and distractibility. Many times a person will have only one or two of these disorganization and be labelled dyslexia when such is not the case. There is also a section demonstrating how to release emotional and physical mind to body connections using eye modalities, so that the body does not keep reacting to past traumas and can live in the present moment.


« I am contacting you from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. My mother, Hennie, was diagnosed with terminal Lymphoma approximately 30 years ago. She was given no option for treatment and the only suggestion from the doctor was that she could pray. I believe that it was at this point, in an attempt to find someone to help, she came in contact with you. The guidance you provided along with ‘cancer busting’ visualization exercises resulted in the Lymphoma going into remission or actually disappearing completely. It never returned and she lived another 30 good happy years. On March 23 at the age of 91, she passed away. I just wanted to thank you for all you did for her. We were very lucky to have this amazing lady and mother around for as long as we did and you played a big part in that. I know it was a long time ago but for some reason, I feel like there is a good chance you would remember her. Many thanks again. What I thought was a casual visit to an alternative healer using a simple and non-invasive technique (there is nothing to lose, right?) became an appointment with destiny and a watershed moment in my life. There were so many small and apparently disconnected symptoms, that I just thought were my “particularities”. However, those were in fact the consequence of an event that I knew it happened, but I was too small to remember it. After only one treatment I now feel integral and connected; amazing! I will be forever grateful Dr. Sheel, gracias!! »