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Dr. Sheel Tangri

Certified Teacher and Specialist in Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.)

Neural Organization Technique resets your body’s nervous system “programs”, much like rebooting or resetting a computer.

Become a Neural Organization Technique Specialist


« I have had TMJ issues for over six years which had caused headaches, and on some days, it was too painful to open my mouth wide enough to fit a spoon in when eating. For three years, I had been going to monthly massage therapy to help reduce the pain and realign my jaw so that it could open properly. The relief would only last a few days and the problem would return again. However, with a single treatment of Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.), my TMJ problem hasn’t returned for many weeks. It is the first time in years that my jaw opens properly. »

What is Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.)?


« Dr. Sheel is an amazing healer. I suffered a moderate concussion back in 2018 and spent thousands of dollars on several different practitioners trying to heal my brain with minimal improvement. Primarily, I suffered from light sensitivity, issues concentrating and retaining information, and imbalances at heights. After seeing Dr. Sheel, I immediately felt an improvement in my energy and my balance. The following day, I was able to walk over a high bridge without feeling I was going to be pushed off into the water. I am now reading again too! Dr. Sheel is worth the nominal fee he charges and I recommend anyone suffering from post concussion symptoms to seek treatment from this professional. »

Why N.O.T. is Important as a Primary Treatment


« Our daughter fell down a concrete flight of stairs at the age of two. Being such a vibrant and intuitive little girl, we knew it affected her physically as it broke her buccal bone. We noticed immediately that it affected her quality of sleep and her digestion. She became more emotionally sensitive and she also started getting car sick. What we didn’t notice were the effects that it had on her focus and learning until about a year later when we deeply dove into homeschooling. Immediately after her treatment with Dr. Sheel, not only was she fascinated by his energy and treatment, but she immediately seemed to express her emotions in a more balanced and connected way. Physically, she began sleeping through the night that same night and her digestion significantly improved. Not only was her emotional balance restored but her physical balance and stability as well. She has stopped getting car sick and runs faster and moves her body with an effortlessness we hadn’t seen before. Our deepest gratitude to Dr. Sheel and all he has done. »

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N.O.T. Foundation Course

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